Boost your walk, Better your life


The first music-guided walking tempo controller

  • Breaking the boredom and maximizing the effects of walking

    Walking at the right tempo can affect your mood, confidence, fitness and well-being. The most people find it boring and monotonous. What if there was a new tool to change the way you walk the same way that music changes during a song?

    Trying to walk at a specific tempo without something to guide us is incredibly tricky. We thought: How can we make this easier? Tapping your foot to music is easy, so, we found a new way to combine music and getting fit.

  • Selecting your walking theme as your purpose

    We know everyone has their own unique way of walking. That is why we carefully designed five different walking themes with three intensity levels (easy, normal and hard) for a range of fitness and wellbeing goals.

    Each theme walking program has been created with a unique goal in mind. A carefully composed music ("RUAMUSIC") will guide you through a range of workouts like a brisk morning walk or a calm Sunday stroll.

  • Fully synchronized music with walking intensity profile

    How does this work? We composed the fully synchronized music (‘RUAMUSIC’) as the specific intensity profile designed for each theme and level. It guides and keeps your feet moving to the right tempo (beat) with various genres such as EDM, R&B, Funky, Jazz and etc. Here is an example of our ‘I’m on a Diet program’.

    *BPM (beat per minute = steps per minute) walking tempo unit

  • Playing rhythm action game with a fun experience

    All you have to do is just to listen to the music (‘RUAMUSIC’) and step to the beat in time as you play like rhythm action games (e.g. Dance Dance Revolution and Pump It UP). There are four decisions (Perfect, Good, Normal and Bad) showing your walking tempo versus the walking intensity profile. You can earn more point (‘RUAPOINT’) if you walk rightly in tempo.

    RUAWALK uses a scientifically developed algorithm to help you walking in the right tempo set for specific themes and goals. If your cadence falls off beat from our custom music, our virtual coach will cheer you on and encourage you to speed up or slow down with real-time voice feedback.

  • Monitoring your walking tempo, Feedback to you walking pace set

    For your perfect walking, virtual coach traces your walking and helps you step perfectly with voice feedbacks. Our virtual coach is equipped with 58 ‘pick me ups’ to keep you motivated as you gradually increase each program’s intensity. ‘Cadence guides’ will coach you through the different stages letting you know when you need to speed up or slow down. It will be updated with different voices and comments as users’ needs.

  • Beautiful and Adorable device

    Coming in at a tiny 12 grams, you won't even know you’re wearing the RUAWALK on your shoes. The internal battery is charged by a universal micro-USB port and will keep you walking to the beat for 3-5 days per charge.


    SIZE34.5mm X 11.1mm
  • RUAWALK: The First Music-Guided Walking Tempo Controller

    RUAWALK is designed to break the boredom and maximize the effects of walking with a dynamic walking program and synchronized RUAMUSIC.


    • Five walking themes
    • Dynamic walking intensity profile
    • Various walking music fully synchronized
    • Voice coaching
    • High-accuracy step count
    • Steps, distance, burnt calories

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