Vital Signs Monitoring System


The first Social Impact Wearable: Family Connector

  • Golden standard for
    Interactive healthcare

    miriArm, you can pronounce it, ‘[미리:앎]’ in Korean, which means ‘Knowing user’s healthcare status’ in English.

    miriArm monitors your physical conditions including heart rate, SpO2, activity, and skin temperature 24 hours / 7 days. It helps you know any unusual conditions and symptom in advance.

  • Emergency Alarm System (EAS)

    EAS is the system securing golden time for emergency treatment. When EAS is activated, emergency signal will be automatically transferred to public service, where can provide the fastest rescue solution as 911 station (119 in korea), hospital, and etc.

  • Missing Alert System (MAS)

    MAS can provide the best monitoring system for family members (senior citizens) or patients. For better security, it transfers wearer’s location information and tracking path to family and doctors. It works with u-Healthcare, which can check the status of person continuously.

  • Features

    • Wrist-watch type wearable device
    • Monitoring patients and senior citizen
    • 24/7 sensitive monitoring vital signs
      (temperature, heart rate, SpO2 and activities)
    • Easy to use (user friendly design and UX/UI)
    • Wireless data transfer with unlimited freedom of action
    • Automatic alarm system for u-health




Vital-signs monitoring

Heart rate

15 ~ 240 bpm (±3 bpm)

(Oxygen saturation)

95 ~ 100 %


6-axis inertial sensor

skin temperature (optional)

32.0 ~ 42.4 ℃ (±0.3 ℃)

Data transfer


Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
(*Optional: Zigbee is also possible.)


(rechargeable battery)

160 mA (1,450 mA)

Duration of use

3 days (1 week)

* Features and dimension of product could be customized for customer’s order.

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