About Wearable Healthcare

  • “Fashionable Innovation for Healthcare”

    Wearable Healthcare Inc. is a professional value-centered company.

    Our purpose is to innovate healthcare issues of the world in the format of a commercialized product. We exist for contributing to the healthcare field of the global society through our innovative devices and healthcare platform.

    Executives and staff members are greatly interested in solving healthcare issues.

    The company culture reflects a level of social responsibility equal to the challenges faced when having a positive impact on both the environment and society.

    Our business area is related to healthcare platform based on wearable devices and multimedia contents. RUAWALK (the first music-guided walking tempo controller) is the first product, which is demonstrate our creative problem solving ability with innovative viewpoint. It helps people to break the boredom and limit of walking.

  • Hyosill Yang

    CEO & Founder

    Hyosill Yang worked for years as a registered nurse, nursing lecturer and medical researcher in Korea and the United States. She saw firsthand the problems that people had in their lives, caused by lack of exercise. Based on this, she began to study the effects on our bodies of walking at very specific speeds. In 2013, she began working on RUAWALK to help people live happier, healthier lives through walking. Hyosill works closely with a team of talented engineers, designers and several musicians to change the way people walk around the world.

    Hyosill worked for the Seoul National University Hospital as registered professional nurse and strategic planning research at the College of Medicine.

  • Woo Young Sim, Ph.D

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Dr. Woo Young Sim has researched and developed RUAWALK as well as other healthcare focused wearables. It is his hope is to create a new device to change how people see health and have a positive impact on their lives.

    After receiving his Ph.D. degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering 2007, he worked for the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology and Harvard Medical School, U.S.A.

  • Won Gu Lee, Ph.D

    CSO & Co-Founder

    Professor, Health System Engineering Design Lab, Kyung Hee University

    Dr. Won Gu Lee is the brains behind RUAWALK’s advanced algorithm. He worked with several machine learning techniques like R statistics, support vector machine, and random forest algorithms to make RUAWALK the smartest walking coach you’ve ever had.

    Dr. Lee worked for the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology and Harvard Medical School, U.S.A. as postdoctoral researcher (2007-2010) and for the Weizmann Institute of Science as Feinberg Foundation visiting faculty (2013-2014).

  • YoungKi Jo

    General Management

Our Vision



We contriuibute to the healing and restoration of human health
by raising a new awareness through healthcare products, services, and sysyems.

Our Vision


Vision 2020

Supply health care products and services to domestic and national hospitals or healthcare institutions. (First in market share)

Vision 2025

Leader in providing medical services to domestic and foreign vulnerability groups (seniors, orphans, widows, and etc.) and donating to vulnerability groups.

Vision 2030

Become a global company within IoT-Healthcare field (Enter top 10 in the world)

Our Vision

Core Values

  • Integrity

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  • Effectiveness

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  • Excellence

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  • Communication

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Our Vision

Strategic Management

  • Human resource
    care and

  • Blue ocean

  • Time-centered

  • Technology innovation
    and quality

  • Conceptual shift
    and business

  • Contribution to the
    development of a sound
    corporate culture

  • Blue ocean

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